I Am New Here

If you are new to the Broadway area community, please know that you are very welcome to “try out” the fellowship and worship at Broadway Presbyterian Church!  By the way, not all of our members live in the Broadway area.  The nearest other Presbyterian churches are Woodstock to the north and Cooks Creek to the south.  Several members live in Harrisonburg.  A number of members drive nearly a half hour to attend meetings and services.

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Here is a collection of facts about this church and its current members.

This church is in the Shenandoah Presbytery, which includes just over 100  churches in Virginia and West Virginia.

All the churches of the Shenandoah Presbytery belong to the Presbyterian Church, USA, which is the largest body of Presbyterian churches in the United States.IMG_5996

Members of Broadway Presbyterian Church eagerly welcome new comers of all ages.  Many current members chose this church at some point in their later adulthood, even as retirees.   The average age of congregants is currently no longer “middle age,” although the majority have been members for multiple decades.  Several members in their seventies were members of the church since infancy!   As is the case with many of the traditional churches, this denomination (and Broadway Presbyterian Church) does not currently enjoy the whole-hearted participation of young couples with children that characterized the “main-line churches” in decades past.  This church was most vigorous in the 1950s and 1960s.  However, the viability of our fellowship is real.  Special youth events are supported and treasured, although the Sunday School operation is currently not in regular operation.  (A “Children’s Church” class operates during part of the eleven o’clock hour for young children, as needed).

The content and style of our worship experiences are “treasured traditional.”  We do learn new hymns, but love to sing the solid hymns that have served the needs of Christians for generations.  Sermons are based on the Scriptures.  (Generally, the Lectionary selections for the date are followed).

Ours is a very social group of friends.  We enjoy eachother’s company.  There are many talented cooks in the congregation, a fact that ensures that carry-in dinners are always a treat.

Besides the fellowship, the special meals, and activities, what binds our members together is mutual regard for each other and a shared appreciation for the benefits of Christian love.  We work well together.  We sympathize with those dealing with the consequences of ill-health and advanced age.  We rejoice with those who have cause to celebrate.

So, we welcome you to come to visit.  We hope you enjoy the experience.  We hope you will decide to become one with us as we try to live and work and witness in Jesus’ name in this community!