Staff & Organization

        Jacob Kave, Former Pastor


Austin Wright, Music Director


Carolyn Lohr, Administrative Assistant


Helen Alder, Custodian


PASTOR:  _________________________________
MUSIC DIRECTOR:  Mr. Austin Wright
HOUSEKEEPER:  Mrs. Helen Alder

Clerk of Session:  Houston Lynch

Class of 2024:  Elizabeth Startin, Joan Layman
Class of 2023:  __________________________, Phillip Zirkle
Class of 2022:  John Myers, Houston Lynch


FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT TEAM (in lieu of a Treasurer)
Receiving:  Rotating two-person Teams of Tellers

Financial Management Coordinator:  Phil Zirkle

Disbursing Agent:  Richard Cullers

Accounting and Report Agent:  Richard Cullers

Trustees of Broadway Presbyterian Church Broadway, Virginia, Inc., are the current elected elders of the congregation.

Finance/Stewardship. Chair: Phil Zirkle
Christian Education. Chair:  Elizabeth Startin
Worship.  Chair:  Joan Layman
Property.  Chair:  John Myers
Mission.  Chair:    Food Pantry.  Director:  Phil Zirkle
Congregational Care.  Chair:  __________________________
Nominations.  Chair:  to be filled later
Personnel.  Chair:  to be filled later


The Presbyterian Church historically has differed in its organization and governance from  other protestant denominations.  The Presbyterian Church has no bishops or district superintendents with unilateral executive powers, nor does decision-making responsibility reside solely in the members of individual congregations as in “Congregationalist” denominations.  The Presbyterian Church has a representative form of government.  (The fact that a number of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 were Presbyterians may in part account for the representative form of government adopted for the United States of America).  The members of an individual church elect fellow members to serve as “Ruling Elders.”  The elders are members of that church’s “Session.”  The session conducts business and makes decisions pertaining to the normal operation of the particular local church.  The meetings are “moderated” by an ordained “Teaching Elder” (formerly referred to as a”Minister of the Word and Sacrament”), commonly referred to simply as the minister or the pastor.

Session meetings are conducted according to Parliamentary procedure and in accordance with the denomination’s Book of Order.  Periodically, each session elects one of its members to attend a meeting of the regional “Presbytery” as a commissioner.  The minister is a member of presbytery and so attends presbytery meetings, but both the elected elder commisioner and the minister each have a vote during meetings of presbytery.  (Large churches send more than one elder).  Note that the session’s elected commissioner is not a delegate who votes according to instructions from the session.  The elder attending a meeting of presbytery is sent as a representative of his or her particular church session, but is free to vote according to his or her conscience.  Shenandoah Presbytery includes churches from a large area extending northward and west of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Lexington into West Virginia.

Every other year each presbytery throughout the Presbyterian Church (USA) elects a “commissioner” to represent the presbytery at a meeting of the “General Assembly.”  The actions of the General Assembly pertain to matters affecting the entire denomination.  When an action of the General Assembly involves a proposed change to the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the proposal is subsequently also voted upon by all of the presbyteries!   The moderator of the General Assembly does not act unilaterally.  The governance system has true “separation of powers.”

The session of Broadway Presbyterian Church normally has six elders, elected by the congregation to serve two year terms.  Normally, three elders are elected each year.  Minutes of meetings are kept by the Clerk of the Session.  Committees pertaining to the usual work of the church are normally chaired by currently serving elders.   (However, committee chairs do not have to be currently serving elders.  Each committee should have at least one currently serving elder as a member).  Church members volunteer to serve on the committees.  The annual budget allows for normal expenditures related to each committee’s responsibility to be spent at the discretion of the committee.  Committee chairpersons report the activities of their committees to the Session for oversight.  (If a committee is not chaired by a currently serving elder, the currently serving elder who is on the committee reports to the session on behalf of the committee).Proposals for session actions often originate in the committees.

Standing committees of the Session of Broadway Presbyterian Church are the following:

Christian Education
Mission/Food Pantry
Congregational Care

The Nominations Committee is a committee of the congregation.  The chair is an active elder chosen by the Session.  The other members are elected by the congregation during the annual congregational meeting.   The members elected by the congregation form a majority of the committee.

2023 Nominations Committee
Appointed by the Session:                                          (Chair)
Elected by the Congregation (Annual Congregational Meeting,   /   /23): 

Broadway Presbyterian Church of Broadway, Virginia, Incorporated

The General Assembly of the PC(USA) over two decades ago mandated that all the churches of the denomination should become incorporated in order to secure legal safeguards and protections.  In March of 2019 Broadway Presbyterian Church’s corporation was recognized by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.  The members of the corporation are all of the members of the congregation on the Active Member Roll.  The directors of the corporation are all currently serving elected elders.  The secretary of the corporation is the Clerk of the Session.  The corporation will have at least one meeting of the members per year.  The property of Broadway Presbyterian Church was officially transferred to the church’s corporation by unanimous vote during a congregational meeting in September 2019.